Tommie Harris Says Jim Irsay’s Comments About Peyton Manning Reminiscent of Boyfriend Who Regrets Break-Up


Peyton ManningJim Irsay and Peyton Manning‘s relationship has hit a bit of a rough patch as of late, but the harsh words and criticism are just masking what the Colts owner really feels — Manning’s the one that got away.

At least according to one former Indianapolis player, that is. Tommie Harris was only a part of the team during training camp in 2011, but the defensive tackle believes his short stint in Indy allowed him to understand what’s really going on between the two.

While Irsay and Broncos head coach John Fox continue to duke it out in advance of Manning’s return to Indianapolis on Sunday night, Harris added an interesting twist to the drama: he believes Irsay’s comments are coming across like a boyfriend who regrets breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

?I had a chance to be under Jim Irsay when I was with the Colts, and I?ve got to say he was quite different, a different owner,? Harris said on the NFL Network via ?You know how that ugly girlfriend, she kind of goes away, and then she ends up getting pretty and losing weight and then she ends up getting back healthy? This is the thing, Peyton Manning has become that girlfriend. They got rid of him, thought he was used up, thought his neck was messed up, and went back and became so beautiful.?

Not sure where Andrew Luck fits into this equation, but we’ll see on Sunday who the clear winner of this relationship is.

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