In a battle that no team in the NFL is envious of, it appears that the Cleveland Browns have some competition.

The Browns’ miserable history at the quarterback position was chronicled on one special jersey that featured all 19 signal callers Cleveland has employed under center throughout the past 14 years.

Not to be outdone,a Minnesota Vikings fan took a cue from Cleveland’s signal caller woes and made a jersey of their own, detailing a tumultuous history of big names and disappointments. Just this season alone, the Vikes have started three different guys under center, stirring a controversy seemingly every week about who the true starter is between Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman and Matt Cassel.

The inconsistency can be traced back even further in Minnesota’s history, too, with the fan’s jersey detailing the past 10 quarterbacks who have taken the field in the past 10 years. From Brett Favre to Donovan McNabb to Tavaris Jackson, the jersey showcases all of the upheaval that has occurred at the position.

While Minnesota clearly took a page out of Cleveland’s sad playbook for this bit, the Vikings jersey does boast one distinguishing feature — an arrow from Freeman, who was expected to start against Green Bay — to Ponder, who ended up getting the nod because of a concussion the former suffered.

More arrows will likely be added in the future as the Vikings have changed starters in five of their last six games.

Check out a photo of the jersey below.


Photo via Twitter/@SprtsHumor