world seriesThe St. Louis Rams will play on Monday Night Football this week for the first time since 2006. Unfortunately for them, there likely won’t be a ton of people around to see it.

Nearly every sports fan in St. Louis — a renowned baseball town — will be locked in on Game 5 of the World Series taking place less than a mile away at Busch Stadium.

And even without baseball stealing all the eyeballs, a game between the Rams, who come in with a 3-4 record and the immortal Kellen Clemens under center, and the 6-1 Seahawks is not expected to be particularly compelling.

Still, Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff is doing his darndest to scoop up fans by any means possible. In a letter sent to all season ticket holders, Demoff gave his best sales pitch, announcing that the Edward Jones Dome will show the Cardinals-Red Sox game on the Jumbotron during pregame and halftime and on other televisions throughout the stadium during the game. There will also be various food and beer deals aimed at drawing stragglers in off the street.

“Here’s our big message,” Demoff said, via For The Win. “We know Busch Stadium will be filled to capacity, but if you’re going to go stand outside Busch Stadium, you’re going to go to a bar downtown, why not come to the Edward Jones Dome, be a part of a great Monday night atmosphere, follow the Cardinals game along in our building and be part of the greatest sports night in the history of St. Louis.”

Sure, it’ll be cool for St. Louisans to have the night’s two biggest sporting events both taking place in their city. But it will take a minor miracle for the Rams to turn their game into anything more than a distant afterthought.