Alex Rodriguez Denies PED Use, Blasts Bud Selig on Mike Francesa Show (Video)

by NESN Staff

November 20, 2013

It’s safe to say that Alex Rodriguez doesn’t know when to fold them.

After learning that Bud Selig would not be testifying on Wednesday, the Yankees third baseman stormed out of his arbitration hearing with Major League Baseball. The drama didn’t end there, however, as Rodriguez and one of his lawyers, Jim McCarroll, made an unexpected appearance on Mike Francesa‘s WFAN radio show hours later, blasting MLB and the commissioner.

Rodriguez began the interview by explaining why he was so upset earlier in the day, repeatedly taking shots at Selig and even referencing him as “the man from Milwaukee.”

“I’ve been taking it one day at a time and respecting the process and today I lost my mind,” said Rodriguez. “I banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room … but what we saw today, it was disgusting and the fact that the man from Milwaukee that put this suspension on me without one bit of evidence, something I didn’t do. And he doesn’t have the courage to come look me in the eye and tell me this is why I get 211 [game suspension]?”

Rodriguez was also asked directly if he had done any PEDs to which he responded, “No,” adding that he has not committed any wrongdoings in this case and he “shouldn’t have to serve one inning.”

The embattled third baseman continued his tirade on the commissioner, addressing the relationship that the two have and expanding on his belief that he is the target of a witch hunt.

“He hates my guts,” said Rodriguez. “100% I think this is personal and I think this is about his legacy and it’s about my legacy. He’s trying to destroy me. By the way, he’s retiring in 2014 and to put me on his great big mantle, that’s a hell of a trophy.”

Rodriguez admitted that he had intended to testify on Friday if Selig had testified on Thursday, but with Selig opting not to appear in court, the Yankees star said he may be done with the arbitration process.

“I’m going home to see my daughters,” Rodriguez said. “I’m so heated up right now and so pissed off that I can’t think straight right … I’m going to huddle up [with my lawyers] and ultimately we will make a final decision.”

Check out part of the interview in the video below.

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