1383709852_BYV-YnFCIAAEtJR copyIt’s almost guaranteed that any time a stun gun is involved in a bet, the outcome isn’t great.

A married couple in Illinois found that out the hard way, though. John Grant, a Bears fan, and his wife Nicole, a Packers fan, made a dangerous little bet on the Monday Night Football matchup, agreeing that if Green Bay lost to Chicago, he would use the stun gun on her.

You see where this is going, yes? The Packers lost 27-20 and Grant indeed followed through on the bet, using the stun gun on his wife three times while at a local bar — twice on her butt and once on her thigh. Police reportedly received a call from a woman at 12:39 a.m., telling officers that her husband had tasered her multiple times.

According to reports, police arrived at the scene and reviewed the woman’s text messages and video on her cell phone to determine that the bet was true and she did in fact consent to the terms of the wager.

John was arrested regardless and charged with possession of an electric weapon. If convicted, he faces up to $10,000 in fines and six years in prison.

Maybe next time the NFC rivals meet up, Mr. Grant will shoot for bragging rights instead of shooting anything at all.

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