Cam NewtonCam Newton fried the fish in Miami on Sunday, but it appears that’s actually an everyday occurrence for the Pro Bowl quarterback.

Newton, who led the Panthers to a 20-16 win over the Dolphins on Sunday, decided to challenge himself this offseason with some diet changes, becoming a pescatarian. So, while millions across the country enjoy turkey and ham this Thanksgiving, Newton will be dining on some more fish.

“I’m a officially a pescatarian, which is you only eat fish,” Newton explained on Monday, per “It’s been challenging at times, especially being around the locker room where you get guys eating hot wings, nachos, hot dogs and hamburgers all the time.”

Newton, 24, decided to make a change in his diet back in March and has been faithful to the fish ever since. He is enjoying the best season of his three-year NFL career so far this year, including projected career bests in completion percentage, touchdowns and interceptions. He seems to believe his new diet is playing a role in the sudden success, although they aren’t the first dietary exploits he’s tried.

“I try to challenge myself off the field or out of training to test my discipline — each and every month, from not eating solid food throughout the week to not eating bread or only eating water,” Newton said. “Ever since I gave up the meat, … I like it. I like the way I was feeling. I stuck with it ever since.”

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Newton admitted that this year the holiday might be a bit strange for him and his family. But he was excited to see how his family would include fish into the meal.

“It’s going to be kind of weird not eating the ham, the turkey, the chicken or what have you,” Newton . “It’s kind of challenging my parents and my grandmother to think outside the box to try to incorporate fish.”

As for how long he plans to keep his dietary habits in place? Newton doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon, at least not so long as the Panthers are winning.

“I’ve got to. I’ve got to,” Newton added, when asked if he would continue the diet. “It’s been kind of good luck.”

The Panthers have won seven games in a row and are in prime position to make the playoffs this season.

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