JakePeavyBostonian “Charlie River” is leaving the big city and heading for the vast farmlands of Alabama’s Southern Falls.

“Charlie River” is the World War II duck boat that Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy recently bought for $75,000 and Southern Falls is the name of Peavy’s 5,000-acre ranch outside of Selma, Ala.

Peavy, who bought the boat following the Red Sox’ World Series parade, claims that he was planning to buy the boat no matter what, and it wasn’t just an impulse buy after a few Miller Lites on parade day.

“It was not, I repeat not, an impulse purchase,” Peavy told Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald. “We’ve had a ton of positive feedback, and, really, I’ve never thought it would be such a big deal. But a few people are calling it an impulse buy and asking me if I’m remorseful yet.

“Not only do I not regret it, but I knew I was going to buy a duck boat practically from the day I arrived in Boston,” he added. “Once I found out what they were, what they were all about, what they represented, I said I was going to get one.”

Peavy’s father is a big Civil War buff, according to Buckley, so the World War II amphibious vehicle is a no-brainer for the Peavys, who sound like they have an appreciation for American warfare. This artifact, however, won’t look like any others the family might have around the ranch.

“It’s going to say ‘Boston Strong,’ and ‘Red Sox,’ and it’s going to have a painting of the World Series trophy,” he said.

“We’re going to keep it forever. My grandchildren are going to be showing that duck boat to their grandchildren. Long after I’m gone, that duck boat is going to be in my family to remind them of one of the happiest days of my life. They’ll know about the highlight of my professional career.”

While old “Charlie River” may get homesick being away from Titletown at first, fans of the iconic motorized amphibian should know that Southern Falls sits on the Alabama River and is surrounded by many lakes, so there are plenty of swimming options for old Chuck, who has been getting his fix in Boston’s Charles River for years now.

Photo via Twitter/@VezzyParmesan

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