Jonny Gomes Says Mike Napoli Hooked His Mouth ‘Like a Bass’ But Wouldn’t Let Gomes Tug His Own Beard (Video)


All those beard-tugging celebrations that Red Sox fans witnessed this year? Well, they apparently only went one way among the two best beards on the team.

Shane Victorino and Jonny Gomes headed over to Conan for Tuesday night’s show and chatted about the Red Sox’ triumphant 2013 season, with Gomes taking a few questions about his beard and the beard-tugging celebrations that replaced high fives for Boston this season.

Gomes detailed how he not only got his beard tugged by teammate Mike Napoli but also got a nice taste of Napoli’s fingers, as Napoli would hook Gomes’ mouth “like a bass” when coming in for the tug.

But the love — and hooking — did not go both ways. Gomes said that while Napoli was fine with letting almost all other teammates yank on his famously long whiskers (to the point of doing “pull-ups” on it in the dugout), Napoli avoided Gomes and whatever tug he had in store.

He provided an entertaining description for host Conan O’Brien, a Brookline, Mass., native and Harvard University alumnus, who was also pretty envious of some red leather boots with the Sox logo that Gomes brought onstage.

Check out what Gomes and Victorino had to say in the video below.

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