The Milwaukee Bucks are in the worst possible position for an NBA franchise.

They are too talented to lose a ton of games and earn a great chance at winning the draft lottery, which would help the team acquire a potential superstar to build a perennial contender around. However, they are also not talented enough to be legitimate contenders, even in a weak Eastern Conference that has only two or three elite teams this season.

This unenviable situation has prompted some Bucks fans to send a public message to the team using a billboard, one that encourages it to lose.

Why are these fans putting a lot of effort into this cause? Here’s the explanation provided on

“The Bucks can be a successful small market franchise both on the court and financially.  However, for the Bucks to do this, they need to change their approach.  One way to help change this approach is if the fan base can let the organization know that they will support a full rebuilding of the team under a new front office direction.  This means being willing to part with high-priced journeymen veteran players and focus on building around young talent acquired with high draft picks.  The talent rich 2014 NBA draft is the place to start. ”

The 2014 NBA draft class is expected to feature at least three or four franchise-changing players in the first round, which could make it one of the most impressive groups of all-time, a list that includes the 1984 and 1996 classes. As a team that has trouble signing marquee free agents, putting together a roster of young players who will develop, but also lose a lot of games, is actually a smart strategy.

Check out a photo of the billboard that the folks at are hoping to create, courtesy of @LegenDeery.


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