Apparently unwilling to make just another lackluster alternate uniform for this year’s Christmas games, the NBA has gone straight to crafting a stinker.

UniWatch has released photos of the style the NBA is said to be using for this year’s Christmas matchups, and it’s worse than even the sleeved jerseys that have snuck their way into the league this year. The NBA is going full 1990s girls high school sleeved jerseys on this one — with old-school V necks and flappy arms to boot.

The uniforms also have the teams’ logos large and front and center, making the tops look somewhat like hockey sweaters. The shirts aren’t completely hockey-like, though, because they’re noticeably devoid of the color that spruces up even the silliest hockey getup. These NBA jerseys have instead slapped their logos on the front in completely pale gray.

The main perk of offering alternate jerseys, of course, is the sale of such jerseys. Let’s see whether the NBA can find a nostalgia or bad fashion market for these.

Check out the new tops in the photo below.


Photo via Twitter/@UniWatch