Jeff Ireland, Kevin O'NeillRichie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins’ coaching staff and various Dolphins players are not the only people involved in what is becoming an increasingly complicated and charged situation in Miami. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is now being roped into the mess — and for good reason.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Ireland played a large role in how the situation has unfolded, saying that Ireland fielded a complaint from Martin’s agent, Rick Smith, in late October before Martin left the team.

Martin’s agent told Ireland about the way Incognito was treating Martin in a phone call. Ireland’s response, according to Florio, was that Martin should handle the matter himself by confronting Incognito physically. He specifically said Martin should “punch” Incognito, according to the report.

What makes Ireland’s tack especially interesting is that, as the situation has unfolded since Martin left the team Oct. 28, several NFL players have suggested that if Martin wanted Incognito’s behavior toward him to stop, he should have stood up for himself. Incognito is being accused of bullying, including leaving intimidating voice mails for Martin that included racial slurs.

The Dolphins said again Wednesday that they are not commenting on the situation as the NFL reviews it, although several Miami players have spoken out about the situation, many of them in defense of Incognito.