dwight-howardDwight Howard stepping into an Octagon for a real UFC fight would be must-see television.

But despite how far-fetched the idea of the Houston Rockets superstar center taking part in this kind of event seems, Howard wouldn’t rule out the possibility of it happening down the road.

The 29-year-old explained at a recent UFC event in Houston that “he’d be willing to one day fight in the UFC — for a $10 million price,” according to FOX Sports. Howard also added, “If I get knocked out, I get knocked out. I’ll get back up one day.”

While fighting in the UFC may seem like fun for some athletes, it’s one of the most violent competitions in sports. Even though Howard is one of the most athletic big men in the NBA and has an incredible amount of strength, he doesn’t have anything close to the technique and fighting skill that the top MMA fighters exhibit in each bout.

Let’s hope Howard waits until after he retires from the NBA before giving any real consideration to going into the Octagon. The Rockets will be legitimate contenders to win the Western Conference for the next few seasons, and they need a healthy and focused Howard to capture the franchise’s third championship.