Tyler Seguin Advises Future Top Picks in Boston to ‘Get Married When You’re 18’ (Video)


Tyler Seguin returned to his old stomping grounds on Tuesday night, playing in front of a crowd that was privy to exactly what led to the young star’s unceremonious departure from the team he was once thought to be the face of.

“Behind the B” provided a frank and insightful look into the Bruins’ front office discussions about Seguin that highlighted why they were hesitant to keep him around, citing his immaturity and off-ice antics. Seguin wasn’t blind to the criticism, but in an exclusive interview with Jack Edwards, he said he didn’t agree with the things that were said on the show.

“I think sometimes I was being accused more than being helped,” Seguin said regarding his time in Boston.

While the comments certainly led to Seguin growing a thicker skin, he admitted that it’s all in the past and he’s now focused on his new team, the Dallas Stars. But when asked if he had any advice for future top picks in Boston, Seguin had some Seguin-esque wisdom to give.

“I don’t know,” Seguin said with a laugh. “Get married when you’re 18.”

Check out what else Seguin had to say in the above video.

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