75-Year-Old Jerry West Drains Shot After Shot, Then Tells Kids He Hasn’t Shot a Basketball in Years (Video)


Jerry West makes clichés come true.

His shooting form can literally be found if someone looks up how to shoot a basketball in a dictionary. The way the Lakers legend dribbled the ball down the court is literally the NBA?s logo. And when he says kids will be able to make shots for the rest of their lives if they learn the right technique now, that literally happens, too — just watch the 75-year-old man do it.

West recently gave a group of kids a lesson on how to shoot a basketball, noting that if they line up their elbow correctly, they?ll have a repeatable, guaranteed shot. He emphasized they wouldn?t miss with this form — while showing exactly that by nailing shot after shot after shot. The best part, however, was not as much 75-year-old West sharing his wisdom with the younger generation, but rather the way West said offhand after a few minutes, ?I haven?t shot a basketball in years.?

It?s almost as good as when Larry Bird showed he?s still the best basketball player at Pacers practice.

Keep your elbows in, kids.

Check it out in the video below.

Photo via Twitter/@NBA_305

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