Alabama Fans Start Online Petition to Play Iron Bowl Overtime Because Chris Davis ‘Was Clearly Out of Bounds’


Alabama football fans take their pigskin pretty serious, so one can imagine just how upset they were following the Crimson Tide’s last-second loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl on Saturday night.

While most fans are still mourning the loss, some are turning that sadness into anger, and that anger into action. A petition was created on by “TC of Hoover, Ala.,” urging the SEC and NCAA to force the teams to play an overtime because they believe that Auburn’s Chris Davis stepped out of bounds en route to the end zone after returning Bama’s missed field goal.

Check out the note “TC” included in the petition below, which contained the incorrect spelling of “hassel” … twice.

“Chris Davis from Auburn was clearly out of bounds in running the missed field goal back for a touchdown in the 2013 Iron Bowl. There was way to much riding on this game for that to have been missed- a SEC Championship and National Championship. I think they should put together an overtime play for Auburn and Alabama. Yes, I know how impossible that sounds and how much trouble it will be BUT sometimes you have to make wrongs RIGHT and with so much riding on that game the SEC and NCAA needs to make it right for the players, university, fans, coaches, SEC and SPORTS in general. And if they don’t like the [hassle] then go out and make sure your employees, the refs, are not making such HUGE mistakes. And the refs needs to be punished for not even reviewing the play because it wasn’t even close- he was CLEARLY out of bounds. Its not fair to say that this is over and overtime can’t be played now just because of how much trouble this would be to put together. It was wrong….and you need to make it right regardless of the [hassle].

“SEC and NCAA- do the right thing and make this right for everyone involved!!”

As of Tuesday, the petition closed after reaching 500 signatures and 703 “supporters.”

Caution: petition comments may contain inappropriate language

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