Andrea Bargnani’s Knicks Teammates Freak Out After He Inexplicably Shoots Near End of Overtime (GIF)


The Knicks have had trouble with clock management throughout their 8-17 season, but Andrea Bargnani took it to another level on Wednesday night.

With New York leading by a bucket near the end of overtime against the Bucks, the Knicks reeled in a rebound with about 15 seconds left on the clock. All they had to do was hold the ball, forcing the Bucks to foul. But a kick-out to Bargnani ruined that simple solution, putting the decision in the forward’s hands.

Bargnani decided to toss up a 3-pointer with a full shot clock, and his miss clanged off the rim and into the arms of the Bucks, who then went to the other end of the court and tied the game.

While the Knicks pulled out the win in the second overtime, it’s this kind of stuff that has the fellows in orange and blue incurring the wrath of fans or anyone with a basic understanding of basketball and clock management.

Bargnani’s miss was a priceless moment in itself, but far better was the way his teammates reacted. Those Knicks apparently know what to do at the end of a game with time running out, and they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Check out their reactions in the GIF below, with a video of Bargnani’s dubious decision below that.


GIF via SB Nation

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