Perfect onside kicks are an art form — just ask the New England Patriots.

The University at Buffalo football team could have used one when they trailed San Diego StateĀ 42-17 in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s Idaho Potato Bowl. What the Bulls got instead was one of the saddest attempts at an onside kick we’ve ever seen.

The Bulls had just scored a touchdown to cut the Aztecs’ lead to 25 points with plenty of time left on the clock, and Buffalo head coach Jeff Quinn dialed up the onside kick to try to get some more points on the board. Kicker Tyler Grassman set the ball up on the tee, got his team ready and ran in for the kick. Unfortunately for the Bulls, Grassman nearly whiffed the ball and ended up just nicking the top of it, knocking the ball off the tee.

Needless to say, the ball didn’t even travel 10 inches — let alone the requisite 10 yards — and the Aztecs got possession at Buffalo’s 25-yard line. Buffalo did score once more, but so did San Diego State. The Aztecs went on to win the Idaho Potato Bowl 49-24.

Check out Grassman’s onside kick fail in the video below.

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