David Beckham Says He’s an ‘Emotional Wreck’ When Watching ‘Friends,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Armageddon’ (Video)


David Beckham understands the gravity of a father stepping onto an asteroid to save the earth so his daughter and her boyfriend can be together, and he knows just how amazing it was when Ross and Rachel finally got back together.

The man of many talents revealed his affinity for movies and sitcoms — and getting so emotionally invested in them that he becomes teary-eyed — on a BBC Radio interview recently.

Beckham was promoting The Class of ’92, a film that looks at Manchester United’s heyday when Beckham and his Premier League-dominating peers were coming up. The interview certainly covered soccer, but it also gave Beckham a chance to reveal his trouble keeping it together when it’s time to switch on some entertainment.

“I’m kind of an emotional wreck with movies,” he said. “I can’t get through some movies without shedding a tear, I can’t lie.”

Beckham said Armageddon is a hard movie for him. For TV shows, it’s The Office and Friends (or, in memory of 30 Rock, is it Chums?).

Check out the rest of the interview in the video below.

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