A lot of people in Texas are thinking that taking a team from being a Super Bowl contender to losing a franchise-record 11 games in a row the next season is reason enough to fire the head coach.

The Texans’ 27-20 loss to the once-woeful Jaguars, the final piece of evidence in that exhibit, could be the deciding factor — or Gary Kubiak, who has kept the trust of Houston’s ownership despite underwhelming performances before, could be fine.

At least one NFL source was dropping hints that Thursday night may have been Kubiak’s final game.

The fact that Kubiak is addressing the media isn’t too suspicious, though. Kubiak often talks to reporters the day after a game, and this Friday is probably the best time for the team to leave the bad loss behind and move on to its next opponent.

With three games left this season, though, the writing may be on the wall for Kubiak. Even if Friday isn’t his final press conference with the Texans, the last one could be right around the corner for the coach of the 2-11 team.