Joe Flacco Bought Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Despite $120 Million Contract


Joe Flacco is just a regular, everyday guy who happens to make $20 million a year. That won’t stop him from playing the lottery, though.

Flacco stopped into a 7-11 last Friday for a chance to take home the big bucks — a $648 million jackpot in the Mega Millions game, according to The Caw (with a hat tip to Deadspin).

“It’s a lot of money, man,” Flacco said. “Since I’ve been 18 years old, I’ve always played the lottery when it gets up to a couple $100 million. It’s just for fun.”

A Ravens fan in the store recognized Flacco at the 7-11 in Owing Mills, just a few miles from the Ravens’ practice facility. It turns out, the quarterback almost cut 22-year-old Rob Owen in line.

“The guy behind me beat me to the end of the line,” Owen said. “When I got there, I realized it was Joe. I was tongue tied.”

Flacco graciously gave Owen his spot in line back.

“I couldn’t have him blaming me when I won and he lost and I didn’t let him back where he was supposed to be,” Flacco said.

Unfortunately, Flacco didn’t end up winning the Mega Millions, so it looks like he’s still on the hook for his day job on Sunday against the Patriots.

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