Kevin Costner Plays General Manager, Tries to Turn Cleveland Browns Around in ‘Draft Day’ Trailer (Video)


The Cleveland Browns need some help, and the draft might be their only hope to improve ahead of next season. Fortunately, Kevin Costner is on the case — well, sort of.

Costner is the star of a new film about the Browns called Draft Day. The movie is a dramatic take on the NFL draft process, taking fans through the team’s inner workings leading up to the draft and at least shedding some insight into the happenings inside a war room on draft day.

Costner plays an embattled general manager trying to use the all-important draft to turn the Browns around while feeling the heat from team executives. Jennifer Garner also plays a major role in the film, and, by the looks of the trailer, she plays the Dr. Molly Griswold role to Costner’s NFL adaptation of Roy McAvoy, challenging Costner to think outside the box and make the right decisions — hooray for Tin Cup references!

Anyway, take a look at the first official trailer for the film below.

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