Week 16 NFL Picks Against the Spread: Eagles to Be Speed Bump in Bears’ Road to Playoffs


EaglesIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that’s not just a reference to the trees, presents, lights and Jim being overserved at the company holiday party. It’s also a pretty good time of the year because the NFL playoffs are just about upon us.

The fat man from the North Pole is making his final adjustments for his yearly flight, and he’s being outworked this week only by NFL coaches. There’s still a lot to be settled in the NFL’s playoff picture, and Week 16 will likely play a big role in that.

That makes things tricky for NESN.com editors John Beattie and Mike Cole. Nonetheless, they’re back at it this week making their NFL picks. See their winners for this week’s games below.

All lines are from Bovada as of Thursday. If lines are off on Bovada Thursday, Yahoo! lines will be used for those games.

Dolphins at BILLS (+3)

John: Dolphins

Mike: Dolphins

Why: The Fish have too much to play for to lose this one.-JB

Saints at PANTHERS (-3)

John: Saints

Mike: Panthers

Why: Last week I took the Saints on the road because at least they were playing in a dome. Then they got dump-trucked by the Rams, so I’m not buying the “New Orleans can’t win on the road” narrative starting with this week. -MC

Cowboys at REDSKINS (+3)

John: Cowboys

Mike: Cowboys

Why: Why not?-JB

Buccaneers at RAMS (-6)

John: Buccaneers

Mike: Rams

Why: I don’t need to explain myself when the Buccaneers play the Rams. -MC

Browns at JETS (-2)

John: Jets

Mike: Jets

Why: It feels like I’ve been burned by the Jets all year and the only thing that hurts more than betting on the Jets and losing is betting against the Jets and losing.-JB

Colts at CHIEFS (-7)

John: Chiefs

Mike: Chiefs

Why: There’s a chance these two teams will eventually meet in the playoffs, and I’m not quite sure how that will affect this game, especially in regards to the point spread. In my mind, though, the Chiefs are the better team and are at home. Good enough for me. -MC

Vikings at BENGALS (-8)

John: Vikings

Mike: Bengals

Why: The Vikes rolled last week and they’ve kept some road games relatively close this season. Let’s grab those points.-JB

Broncos at TEXANS (+10 1/2)

John: Texans

Mike: Broncos

Why: Still abiding by the “I’m not taking Houston or Atlanta the rest of the year” rule. -MC

Titans at JAGUARS (+5 on Yahoo!)

John: Jaguars

Mike: Titans

Why: The Jags squeezed by the Titans in Tennessee this season so let’s see if they can do it again at home, with some points to spare.-JB

Cardinals at SEAHAWKS (-10 1/2 on Yahoo!)

John: Cardinals

Mike: Seahawks

Why: The Seahawks beat the Cardinals 58-0 a little more than a year ago this week. That probably won’t have much bearing on this week, but I just can’t shake that in the back of my head. -MC

Giants at LIONS (-9)

John: Lions

Mike: Lions

Why: I’ll give the 9 points AND I’ll guarantee six Giants turnovers.-JB

Raiders at CHARGERS (-10)

John: Raiders

Mike: Chargers

Why: Why did I get all the sucky games this week? -MC

Patriots at RAVENS (-2 1/2 on Yahoo!)

John: Patriots

Mike: Patriots

Why: Pats by a point, 21-20.-JB

Bears at EAGLES (-3)

John: Eagles

Mike: Eagles

Why: The Eagles are going to run for about a thousand yards, and Jay Cutler is going to screw things up. Don’t ask me how I know. -MC

Falcons at 49ERS (-13)

John: 49ers

Mike: 49ers

Why: This is a ton of points but the Niners are crushing spreads (8-2-1 ATS in its last 11 games).-JB

Last week:

MC: 9-6-1

JB: 7-8-1


MC: 101-114-8

JB: 96-119-8

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