Booze and ice hockey are two things that — in moderation — can make a pretty enjoyable combination. What’s not recommended, of course, is drinking too much and then actually trying to play hockey.

An amateur goalie from Czech Republic didn’t get that memo apparently, and the Internet is now a better place because of it.

Doing everyday tasks can be rather difficult when you’ve been over-served, and when you mix an abundance of booze with a sport played on ice with sticks and skates, it gets downright dangerous — and kind of hilarious. The video of the Czech goalie appeared first on Reddit, where a user said the goalie was in fact drunk. We may never know for sure if the netminder is intoxicated, we can certainly make our assumptions. His play — paired with the nonstop giggling from the peanut gallery in the video — certainly seem to indicate this guy is hammer-faced.

Check out the video below.

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