Baylor Quarterback Bryce Petty’s Flip Into End Zone Draws Animated Reactions From His Mom, Robert Griffin III (GIFs)


Bryce Petty turned some heads as he went flipping into the end zone just before halftime of the Fiesta Bowl.

With three minutes left in the second quarter, the Baylor quarterback decided to take care of business himself, scaring some loved ones in the process. On 3rd-and-six, Petty took off with the ball and attempted to hurdle Central Florida defensive back Jacoby Glenn once he got near the goal line. Petty left his feet just fine, but he never cleared Glenn as the back threw his arms in the air and unintentionally assisted in vaulting Petty into the end zone.

Petty’s somersaulting rushing touchdown was pretty spectacular, but his mom certainly didn’t think so at first. The poor woman looked on in horror and then awe once she realized he wasn’t hurt. The John Elway-inspired move also drew quite the reaction from former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Check out both of them below.


pettymomTop GIF via Twitter/@cjzero
Bottom GIF via SB Nation

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