We would take their word for it, but hockey players continue to show how tough they really are.

Brayden Schenn became the latest man on skates to prove this theory after taking a skate to the stomach on Tuesday night. The gruesomeness ensued when the Philadelphia Flyers center laid a punishing hit on New Jersey Devils forward Dainius Zubrus right in front of the Devils bench. As Zubrus was sent flying to the ice, his skate blade connected with Schenn’s torso and left him in a world of pain.

Schenn immediately fell to his knees in agony before heading to the bench to be tended to. Luckily, the gash wasn’t too deep, and Schenn was able to return to the game, because of course he was.

Schenn’s return was made even more impressive during overtime, however, as the forward netted the game-winner.

Check out the sequence of events in the video below.