The Denver faithful were rewarded for their commitment to the Broncos last Sunday, celebrating the teams first Super Bowl berth in over 15 years. But not every fan parked in front of the television was able to watch the entire game.

While more than 51 million viewers took in the game from the comforts of their living room or on a bar stool, a portion of Broncos fans in Colorado Springs, Co., missed about six minutes of the game on Sunday, due to a technical failure on the broadcast from a local TV station.

The feed from KKTV in Colorado Springs cut out for much of the first quarter between the Broncos and New England Patriots, during which the screen froze on a shot of Tom Brady walking along the sidelines. Check it out in the photo below.

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Broncos fans were clearly perturbed by the malfunction, and KKTV kept up with the outage on Twitter and explained the problem and issued an apology to fans the next day.

Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen on Super Bowl Sunday, otherwise some Colorado fans might be rioting in the streets.