Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl Interview: ‘I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined’


marshawn lynchSuper Bowl reporters would have had better luck trying to tackle Marshawn Lynch on Wednesday than they did eliciting full-sentence responses from the Seattle Seahawks running back. 

Lynch spent just seven minutes speaking to the media one day after making a similarly abbreviated appearance at Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day.

Take a look below at the full transcript of Lynch’s most recent media cameo, which required a bit of help from his lead blocker, Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson. (Transcript courtesy of NFL Communications.)

(On what Beast Mode means to him) ?It?s just a lifestyle, boss.?

(On what he ate last night) Michael Robinson: ?We ate some soul food in Harlem, some chicken and waffles, man.?

(On what he thinks of the media attention) ?I really don?t have too much to say, boss. I really don?t. I appreciate it, but I don?t get it. I?m just here so I won?t get fined, boss. That?s the only reason I?m here.?

(On what he thought of fans raising the amount of money he was fined) ?I mean, if y?all say y?all is our bridge from the players to the fans, and the fans really aren?t tripping, then what?s the point? What?s the purpose? They?ve got my back, and I appreciate that, but I don?t get what?s the bridge then built for.?

(On playing in his first Super Bowl) ?I?m just taking it all in, boss.?

(On the running game struggling midseason) ?It doesn?t matter. We?re here now.?

Michael Robinson: ?I?m going to slide up in this thing to break up the monotony a little bit. If Marshawn ain?t able to say nothing to you guys, you can direct your questions to me.?

(Directed toward Robinson, on how Lynch is feeling about this) Robinson: ?He hasn?t talked to you guys for most of his life. I think he just said that. He just wants to play ball, boss.?

(Directed toward Robinson on what Beast Mode means) Robinson: ?It?s a lifestyle, boss.?

(Directed toward Robinson, on how Lynch feels about Skittles) Robinson: ?He loves his Skittles before the game, boss.?

(Directed toward Robinson, on Lynch saying “boss” often) Robinson: ?He?s just all about that action, boss.?

(Directed toward Robinson, on a choice between football or women) Robinson: ?Football or women? So you must be talking about soccer. I?m just thinking about your accent, man. You must be talking about soccer. Oh, you?re European. So you?re talking about ?football Americano.? Oh, real football? Pigskin? I like my wife, and I like football.?

(Directed toward Lynch for the remainder of the session, on whether he thought about not coming today and paying the fine instead) Lynch: ?I?m here, man, so I don?t have to pay the fine, boss.?

(On whether Richard Sherman will teach Lynch how to talk to the media) Robinson: ?I got you. No, boss.?

(On being a private person but a star on the field) Lynch: ?And you see what it does, right??

(On whether or not it?s hard to balance being a private person and a football star) Lynch: ?It?s not. The 12’s don?t have a problem with it. The people I play for on Sunday don?t have a problem with it. The media has a problem with it. It?s a problem if they choose to take something away from me for not doing it.?

(On reporters having a problem with his attitude) Lynch: ?Well, reporters have to call it in, so it starts somewhere, right??

(On if he doesn?t like talking to the media because he was once misquoted) Lynch: ?False.?

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