Matt Light Once Filled Tom Brady’s Lexus With Peanuts, Took Tires Off Matt Cassel’s Car (Video)


Wes Welker,  Tom Brady, Matt LightMatt Light spent the majority of his 10-year NFL career protecting Tom Brady‘s blind side. Off the field, though, Light was doing the blindsiding.

Light, who was known as something of a practical joker during his decade with the New England Patriots, enjoyed messing with his teammates from time to time — especially his UGG-wearing, water slide-screaming quarterback. Light and former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown reminisced about some of their best pranks on fellow teammates, including Brady, during a recent segment on Comcast SportsNet New England.

“We pulled off some things that, literally, were five stars,” Light said. “It took months and months to execute.”

Light regaled viewers with one specific prank in which he and some teammates filled Brady’s Lexus with “three industrial bags of peanuts,” dumping them into the vehicle until he literally “couldn’t fit another one in.”

“We filled it from the sunroof,” Light said. “We literally filled it completely from the top. It was unbelievable. And there’s no way you can get it [all] out of your car.”

The two-time NFL MVP wasn’t too stoked when he found his peanut-filled car in the parking lot later that day, with Light even noting that a frustrated Brady had some stadium employees clean up the mess.

Brady wasn’t the only Patriots quarterback subject to the torment, though. Backup Matt Cassel, who started 15 games during the 2008 season, also had to deal with Light’s pranks, even returning to find two tires in his locker after practice one day.

“We took the tires off [Cassel’s] car, all four of them,” Brown remembered. “Had it sitting in the parking lot.”

“And two of the tires were in Cassel’s locker,” Light added. “This was a teaser, like, ‘Hey, there may be a problem.’ “

The practical jokes got so out of hand that Patriots coach Bill Belichick even had to step in at one point to cool things down. While Light admits the pranks might have been too much at times, the lineman seems to believe the lighthearted nature of it all actually helped the environment and camaraderie around Gillette Stadium.

“When you have a culture [of joking] like that, though, it makes thing so much easier,” Light said. “When you’re in that environment — every day you got to get better, and nothing’s ever good enough — somebody has to create some levity.”

Watch Light and Brown mock some of Brady’s other hilarious escapades through the years and reminisce about some of their other pranks in the video below.

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