NFL Pro Bowl Draft: Bored Stephen Gostkowski Plays Rock, Paper, Scissors (Photos)


Somehow, the Pro Bowl draft seemed even longer than the annual three-day NFL draft.

The three-hour event crawled by at a snail’s pace, since Pro Football Hall of Fame captains Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice were forced to spend a full two minutes (which was usually actually three minutes after their long explanations for each pick) to select a player. At the end of the night, three quarterbacks remained (a situation that San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said was fixed).

After Rivers was selected by Team Rice, the remaining quarterbacks, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Alex Smith and Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Foles, were expected to state their case for why Team Sanders was supposed to pick them. Rather than begging and pleading, which would seem more than a little demeaning, Smith just said “pick me” in the least-enthused tone possible. He wasn’t picked.

Players resorted to sleeping in the green room while they waited for their names to get picked. New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski and Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker passed the time by playing rock, paper, scissors.

Check out some of the bored-looking players in the photos below.

Stephen Gostkowski, Justin Tucker

Mario Williams, Tamba Hali

Joe Thomas

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