Pedro Martinez, Ted Williams Featured in MLB’s All-Time Best Individual Rivalries (Photos)


Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggioTom Brady and Peyton Manning will renew one of the greatest individual rivalries ever this Sunday when the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos meet in the AFC Championship Game. NFL fans should cherish the moment.

There have been some great rivalries in the history of sports, and Brady-Manning certainly ranks near the top. Football is a team sport, but there’s always a ton of buzz when the two future Hall of Famers hook up. This week has been no different.

But while this week’s Brady-Manning hype should satisfy the desires of crazed football fans, the madness surrounding the upcoming showdown shouldn’t be limited to gridiron fanatics. The Brady-Manning hysteria presents a perfect opportunity to check out rivalries in other sports, like baseball.

There obviously are some interesting team rivalries in Major League Baseball, with New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers-San Francisco Giants rivalries perhaps being the most bitter. But there also have been some individual rivalries — like Brady-Manning — that have captured our attention over the years.

Sometimes, these individual baseball rivalries develop out of philosophical differences. Sometimes, there’s great admiration between the two rivals. And sometimes, there’s just pure hatred on display.

Ten of the best individual rivalries in Major League Baseball history can be found at the link below. Check them out, and feel free to weigh in with other baseball rivalries you think are among the best ever.

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