Pennsylvania Inmate Sued NFL, Wanted Chargers Removed From Playoffs


ryan succop chargersIf you’re looking at it from a technical standpoint, the San Diego Chargers probably should not be in the playoffs.

Replays from San Diego’s Week 17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs show that the Chargers lined up illegally on Ryan Succop‘s last-second missed field goal, which sent the game to overtime and led to an eventual Chargers win.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans were understandably upset with the blown call — San Diego’s win eliminated them from playoff contention — and one in particular still has not let it go.

Daniel L. Spuck, an inmate at the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution in Mercer, Pa., sued the NFL before last weekend’s wild-card playoff round, seeking “a temporary emergency injunction” on the grounds that the Chargers should not be in the playoffs.

In the handwritten motion, obtained by The Baltimore Sun, Spuck demands that the NFL suspend the playoffs for 10 days to allow for either a re-kick by Succop (or, as he calls him, “Brian Succup”), a coin flip or a neutral site game between the Chargers and Steelers to determine who continues on into the playoffs. Spuck also states that he should be compensated for “money damages [in] excess of $25,000,” plus the cost of legal fees.

Spuck’s spirited plea apparently fell on deaf ears, as the Chargers remained in the playoffs, upsetting the Cincinnati Bengals in their opening game. They’ll take on the top-seeded Denver Broncos in the divisional round on Sunday.

Here’s a taste of Spuck’s lawsuit. Click here to read it in full.

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