The Boston Red Sox’ beards won them the World Series last season, but they are so 2013.

One by one, the Red Sox are finally ridding themselves of their lucky facial hair — but that doesn’t mean they won’t find something equally as awesome for another run this season.

“The beard’s coming off,” Gomes said at the Red Sox’ town hall event at Northeastern University on Wednesday night. “Oh, yeah.”

Mike Napoli, who has yet to part with his whiskers, said what Red Sox fans must have been thinking in his response to the news.

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Players have been shaving since shortly after the championship was clinched, though. David Ortiz and Shane Victorino got rid of their beards for charity. David Ross told WEEI on Thursday morning that his beard also has disappeared, and it’s unlikely it will come back for spring training or beyond.

“No, I don’t think we can do the beards again,” he said. “… Who knows what [the team emblem] is going to be? That’s Jonny Gomes’ department.”

Gomes, when asked about that prospect, didn’t sound too confident.

“I’m running out of shenanigans,” he said.

Knowing Gomes, though, making it happen in the clutch can’t be ruled out just yet.

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