Seahawks Cheerleader Leads Double Life As U.S. Air Force Lieutenant


QuacoCheerleaders get plenty of attention for the work they do on Sundays, but one Seattle Seahawks cheerleader is doing some pretty incredible work off the field, too.

Alicia Quaco, 25, joined the Seahawks’ “Sea Gals” for the first time this season. But, while most Seattle fans know her for cheering on the sidelines at CenturyLink Field on Sundays, during the week Quaco has a much more important job as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

“It’s a lot of costume changes,” said Quaco, who sports camouflage fatigues during the week and short skirts and pom-poms on Sundays. “I don’t get to wear normal clothes very often. And I have hardly any free time.”

Quaco, who works as a contract manager during the week, has become a great recruitment tool for the Air Force, proving that officers in the corps also can lead very ordinary lives. However, before Quaco joined the Seahawks’ cheer team, she first had to convince her superiors.

“I told them it’s good for recruitment,” Quaco said, per the New York Post. “It shows that the Air Force is well-rounded, that we can do other things, too. It’s great for women recruits to know that.”

The two jobs certainly have their differences, but Quaco was quick to note that they have similarities as well.

“In uniform, you’re expected to act a certain way. People are always watching,” Quaco said. “[In both jobs], there is a lot of standing in lines and doing the same thing as the person next you, working in unison as a team.”

As for Sunday, Quaco says she understands the big stage that comes with the Super Bowl. And, much like the Seahawks players out on the field, the Sea Gals are ready to bring their A-game.

“We’ve had to step up our game, too,” Quaco said. “We’re running through new routines with new music. We also had to get matching new winter coats to prepare for the cold.”

Photo via Twitter/@Milblogging

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