Seahawks Fan Got ‘Super Bowl XLVIII Champs’ Tattoo Before 2013 NFL Season (Photo)


Fans tend to get pretty excited over their favorite football teams, even seemingly jinxing their teams with some over-the-top actions — like this Houston Texans fan in 2012. But one Seattle Seahawks fan might be right on the money.

Tim Connors, a diehard Seahawks fan, did what many nutty NFL fans tend to do and got a tattoo of the Seattle seahawk on his forearm. However, Connors added a unique little caveat that he could be regretting in a few weeks, as his tattoo is accompanied by the phrase “Super Bowl XLVIII Champs.”

Connors isn’t just any old bandwagon fan looking to find a place among the Seahawks faithful, though. In fact, Connors says he got the tattoo before the 2013 season, meaning he had no idea Seattle would make the playoffs — never mind be playing in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. And, while the gesture seems a bit cuckoo, the hardcore fan certainly won’t accept such a label.

?I?m not crazy,? Connors told KOMO News in Seattle. ?I?m not crazy at all.”

The Seahawks did finish the season tied for the best record in the NFL (13-3) and will host the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in hopes of clinching a berth in Super Bowl XLVIII. Even so, there are plenty of variables that could take hold between now and Feb. 2 that could have Connors feeling regret, if nothing else.

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