Young Fan Asks Nationals Players How Many Girlfriends They Have; Awkwardness Ensues (Video)


An innocent, young girl almost caused some trouble at home for a couple of Washington Nationals players with a question she asked during their annual Fan Fest last weekend.

The adorable fan mustered up all the courage she had to ask pitcher Stephen Strasburg and infielder Anthony Rendon how many girlfriends they each had. Hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day — it’s a valid question.

As the audience erupted in laughter, Strasburg provided the right answer, saying he didn’t have a girlfriend because he has a wife. Rendon, on the other hand, might have some flowers to buy in the very near future. The infielder laughed before answering, “I’m trying to think of a safe answer. But, um, one?”

Nationals fans better hope Rendon is quicker with a bat than he is with answering questions about his love life.

Check out the awesomely awkward moment in the video below.

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