TV timeouts are supposed to serve as a break in the action, but don’t tell the Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens that. During the second period of Saturday afternoon’s matchup between the two teams, Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop went after Canadiens agitator Brandon Prust during a commercial break.

Prust skated by the netminder and said a few words that Bishop did not take kindly to, so the 6-foot-7 goaltender approached the forward. The two engaged in some pushing and shoving before the real action got underway and they both tossed a couple of good punches.

It didn’t take long for their teammates to notice the commotion and several players from both teams joined in on the scrum. Montreal goalie Carey Price even left his crease, but he stayed out of the action.

Once all was said and done, Bishop and Price each received minors for leaving the crease while Prust received a minor as well, for unsportsmanlike conduct. George Parros and Radko Gudas received 10-minute misconducts for their fight along the boards.

Check out the mayhem viewers at home weren’t privy to in the video below.