Boston MarathonThe Boston Athletic Association announced Wednesday several new security policies they’ll be implementing for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

With the race less than two months away, BAA officials are stepping up their security measures following last year’s tragic bombings, stating new rules and restrictions that will be in place April 21.

This year, runners will not be allowed to wear clothing that is bulky or run in costumes that cover their faces. Additionally, a no bag policy will apply, sports and military equipment will be banned, bandit runners on the course  — the unauthorized runners who join the race — will be “subject to interdiction” and flags or signs that are wider than 11 inches and longer than 17 inches will not be allowed.

Runners were informed they cannot bring backpacks or any similar item carried over the shoulder or handbags of any size. Those items will be prohibited from all marathon venues, including near the start or finish line, and along the 26.2-mile course.

Runners will be able to check bags with personal items at the Boston Common on the morning of the race so they have a change of clothes at the finish line. Clear plastic bags will be provided for that purpose.

The association also said there would be changes to the finish line, including three areas just before Arlington Street where runners and others can exit.

“For the 2014 Boston Marathon, with an increased field size and for everyone’s safety, we will work with public safety officials to ensure that we preserve the exceptional race day experience that makes the Boston Marathon an icon in the world of sport while making race day safe and enjoyable for all,” officials said in a statement, via