C.J. Wilson Answers Baseball Trivia While Flying Upside Down (Video)


Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson’s courage was put to the test recently when world champion pilot Kirby Chambliss challenged him to simple baseball trivia while flying upside down over Chambliss’ Arizona home.

Wilson maintained his composure at the beginning of the flight, saying he hopes his best moments in baseball are yet to come. But he could not hold it together for long.

After a calm introduction to the aerobatic race plane, Chambliss cranked up the G-forces and drilled Wilson with five basic questions that even most non-baseball fans could answer.

“What is a full count?” Chambliss asked Wilson in the fourth round of trivia.

Wilson did not seem to adapt well to the extreme flying. The veteran pitcher answered the question correctly, but only after he appeared queasy and temporarily halted the game.

“We got to chill…. I almost lost it on that one,” Wilson said.

At least Wilson managed to finish the challenge and keep his lunch down.

Check out the video below to see Wilson’s flustered reactions to the high-speed flight.

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