Johnny Quinn Broke Through Sochi Door After Roommates Didn’t Answer Cries


1391982359_johnnyAmerican bobsledder Johnny Quinn reached all kinds of Internet fame Saturday when he posted a picture of himself breaking through his bathroom after the door wouldn’t open.

Now, more details of his legendary escapade are emerging thanks to the man himself. On Sunday, the former wide receiver for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League spoke to Yahoo! Sports and recounted his dramatic and humorous experience.

After Quinn hopped out of the shower and realized he had become trapped in the bathroom and was without his phone, he turned his energy to attracting the attention of his roommates: bobsled teammates Nick Cunningham and Dallas Robinson, who were nearby in their adjoining rooms. Unfortunately, there was some teammate miscommunication going on, and his colleagues were of no help.

“I was banging, trying to get their attention, yelling their names and hitting the wall, and nothing,” Quinn said. “I come to find out they thought it was construction on the roof.”

His roommates turned out to be at least partly correct, as Quinn then took matters into his own hands and did a little construction — or rather deconstruction — of his own on the door.

“I start banging on random parts of the bathroom. I get to the door and I hit it … and it cracks. So I go even harder and I hit it again, and my fist goes through. I see the daylight from the room come in, so I thought, ‘Time [for] me to get out of here.'”

Hey, no one said the Olympics would be easy.

Photo via Twitter/@JohnnyQuinnUSA

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