Johnny WeirOne Olympic figure skating veteran has been making quite the scene in Sochi, but not because of his athletic capabilities.

Teamed with Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon, NBC’s Johnny Weir has been commentating the figure skating portion of the 2014 Winter Olympics in true Weir fashion. Whether it’s his hair styles, bold jewelry or fur coats, Weir has defined over-the-top glamour in his own version of Sochi Fashion Week.

Weir is a three-time U.S. National Champion, a 2008 World bronze medalist, and a two-time Grand Prix final bronze medalist. Off the ice, Weir is an outspoken activist, reality TV star and, of course, a fashion designer.

If anyone was worried about Weir and Lipinski running out of clothing options, fear not. According to, the pair brought eight suitcases to Sochi, including ten pounds of jewelry, 22 pairs of shoes, 25 blazers, six pairs of leather pants, nine designer bags and four of Weir’s fur coats.

Weir, Lipinski and Gannon have been commentating the live NBC broadcasts, while Scott Hamilton, Sandra Bezic and Tom Hammond have been calling the figure skating competitions in prime-time. Weir and Lipinski will move to prime-time Saturday to provide their expert analysis during the Olympic Figure Skating Gala.

As is with all fashion, some are raving about Weir’s style choices while others find them gaudy and ridiculous. Regardless of preference, Weir’s unique Sochi style has definitely provided an unusual form of entertainment at this year’s Winter Olympics.

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Photo via Instagram/@johnnygweir