Jonny Gomes Appreciates Dedication That Goes Into Growing Long Beard


Mike Napoli, Jonny GomesJonny Gomes, one of the leaders of the Boston Red Sox’s 2013 beard movement, knows the hard work that goes into growing good facial hair. A perfect beard doesn’t grow overnight.

“Guys with beards, full-blown good beards, when you talk about them, it truly becomes a part of you,” Gomes told The Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman on Monday. “When you see someone who’s really in shape or strong and fit, whether you like that look or don’t like that look, you appreciate it. You’re like, ‘Wow, I really see the hard work that would go into having a body like that.’ That’s how it is with a beard. I don’t know if I would like that, but you appreciate the dedication that goes into growing it that long.”

Gomes will enter the 2014 season without a beard, as the Red Sox are looking to turn the page on their memorable 2013 campaign. Boston likely will develop a new shtick before long, but the beards are being retired, which Gomes said is quite all right with his family.

“I’ve dragged my wife through a whole lot of looks — long hair, short hair, dyed hair, curly hair, cornrowed hair. I wouldn’t say she was a big fan of it, but at the same time, she let me roll with it and was very supportive,” Gomes said. “My kids caught on to our little beard handshake. We were tugging each other’s beards, so they would do that with me every once in a while. My youngest daughter, she would go for a full grab at times. She’s just 9 months. That got painful at times.”

Gomes shaved his beard as part of an endorsement deal with Philips Norelco. View the outfielder’s beard-removing commercial by clicking here.

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