Olympic Personnel Bust Out Giant Fans In Attempt To Combat Fog (Photos)


When visibility neared zero due to heavy fog in the mountains above Sochi on Monday, organizers attempted to remedy the situation in an unusual way.

The men’s biathlon and snowboard cross races were postponed because of the fog, but not before Olympic personnel tried everything in their power to fix the situation. They resorted to setting up large fans in an attempt to blow the fog away.

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Both events require peak visibility conditions, as the men’s biathlon includes a shooting portion and the snowboarding cross race includes hurtling downslope at high speed. The men’s 15-kilometer biathlon was also postponed Sunday because of fog and is now rescheduled for Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Snowboarders have also been rescheduled and will take the Rosa Khutor slopes Tuesday in hopes of better weather.

While the fans were ultimately unsuccessful , the fog did make for some pretty cool pictures.

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