Peyton Manning Watches Snap Go Over Head; Seahawks Start Super Bowl With Safety (Video)


Super Bowl XLVIII certainly didn’t start the way that Peyton Manning had planned.

After receiving the opening kickoff Sunday night, Manning seemed ready to get the Denver Broncos’ record-setting offense off to a quick start, but before he could even get the ball in his hands, the Seattle Seahawks took the lead.

Inside an almost-deafening MetLife Stadium, Manning tried to call out a protection shift to his offensive line, but as he walked toward the line, center Manny Ramirez misread the situation and prematurely snapped the ball. The snap went flying over Manning’s head and wound up in the end zone. Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno recovered the ball in the end zone, keeping the Seahawks from scoring a touchdown, but forfeited a safety in the process.

Check out the epic flub in the video below.

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