Tempers didn’t just flare between two Cuban baseball teams Monday night — they exploded.

It all started when Villa Clara pitcher Freddy Alvarez beaned a Matanzas batter with a high-and-tight fastball. The batter jogged to the dugout, but Alvarez instead had to deal with the wrath of Demis Valdes, who, despite not being in the game at the time, stormed onto the field and promptly tried to remove Alvarez’s head with a bat.

Alvarez dodged the blow after hurling his glove in the direction of the charging Valdes, and Villa Clara catcher Ariel Borrero was able to wrestle Valdes to the turf before his Louisville Slugger caused any serious bodily harm.

After that, it proceeded like a usual baseball fight. The benches and dugouts emptied, and a bit of light shoving ensued, but no additional fisticuffs.

Check it out in the video below, with a hat tip to Baseball America.