Rob FordIt appears embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford can add “talk show host” to his already diverse resume.

Ford, along with his brother Doug, published the first episode of their online talk show “Ford Nation” on Feb. 4. There now are five episodes, with the most interesting probably being the one in which the brothers discuss hockey.

Rob boldly predicts that Canada’s ice hockey team will win Olympic gold while lamenting the exclusion of some players from the team without ever specifically naming the snubs. The brothers also debate why Canada’s junior squad isn’t doing as well as it previously had.

Doug, perhaps the more rational of the two, suggests that perhaps Canada isn’t getting worse, just that other teams are getting better. Rob believes it’s the team’s divergence from good, old-fashioned hitting and “taking the body” that’s responsible for their recent troubles.

The hockey chatter continues as the two not-so-hotly debate who will hoist the Stanley Cup this season. Doug envisions the Chicago Blackhawks repeating as champions, while Rob chose — and probably jinxed — the Anaheim Ducks.

Next, the boys take a break from hockey talk to comment on the upcoming World Cup. Each predicts Italy to win it all but seems to lack detailed information as to why.

The entire show is as bizarrely fascinating as it is cringe-worthy. Watch the Ford brothers and their insightful commentary on the world of sport below.