Russia Pokes Fun At Olympic Ring Mistake During Closing Ceremony (Photos)


During the Closing Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia decided to poke fun at an embarrassing Olympic Opening Ceremony glitch.

A group of dancers dressed in silver appeared to be arranging themselves into a formation that represented the five Olympic rings, but they instead formed four rings and left the fifth as a snowflake.

This self-deprecating gesture references the famed Opening Ceremony mishap in which a graphic malfunctioned, leaving the fifth Olympic ring looking like a snowflake.

Ceremony creative director Konstantin Ernst is also joining in on the fun. Ernst received much of the blame for the ring malfunction, but he is responding to it well. At least it seems that way judging from his new t-shirt.

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Check out the photos below of the ring graphic from the opening ceremony and the human formation from the closing ceremony.

Olympic ring mishap

Photo via Twitter/@ajamlive

Sochi closing ceremony dancers recreate Olympic ring mishap

Photo via Twitter/@NBCNews

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