Sidney Crosby: Olympic Rooms Like In Vancouver, Where Patrice Bergeron Slept In Closet


Feb 5, 2014

Sidney CrosbyThere has been a lot of talk about the accommodations at the upcoming Winter Olympics for both media and athletes alike. However, the athletes’ digs might not be too different from past Olympics.

The Canadian hockey team was in the news earlier this week when a photo surfaced of what is supposedly their housing at the Olympic village. The room was less than luxurious, with three small beds lining the wall.

However, that might not be too different from what the Olympians were dealing with during the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010.

“Pretty similar to Vancouver,” Team Canada star Sidney Crosby casually pointed out Tuesday, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Not quite that tight, but we had three guys in a room, and I think [Bruins center Patrice] Bergeron was sleeping in a closet. … To house that many athletes in that small a [town], it’s probably what you’re going to see.”

At the very least, the Olympians have it better than the media members who have already made the trek to Sochi for the games.

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