Swedish Olympic Skier Loses Pants During Run, Still Kills It (Photos)


Swedish Olympic freestyle skier Henrik Harlaut went down pretty hard during one of his runs Thursday, and his pants followed suit.

Harlaut, a favorite in the men’s slopestyle event after finishing first at the 2013 Winter X Games, got major air on each of his runs, but his pants weren’t always part of his victory over gravity.

The 22-year-old lost his pants multiple times during Thursday’s qualifying runs. The loose pants might have even caused Harlaut to wipe out once, as he landed awkwardly on one run and tumbled down the hill with his dark blue Zumba-esque underpants becoming the main attraction (watch the entire video here).

Despite both he and his pants falling down, Harlaut still managed to finish sixth in the slopestyle competition.

Check out some photos of Harlaut accidentally mooning the crowd in the tweets below.

Photo via Twitter/@OSpaViasat

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