Beer Fridge In Canada’s Olympic House Only Opens With Canadian Passport (Photo)

Canadians love their beer almost as much as they love their hockey, and at the Winter Olympic Games, these two national treasures have come together.

Molson Canadian is giving Team Canada a taste, or rather a sip, of home with refrigerators it shipped to Sochi fully stocked with its beer. These bad boys are located in Canada’s Olympic House for the athletes to enjoy while they represent their country, although the Canadians might benefit from waiting until after their events are completed to crack one open.

Molson enthusiasts from other countries might have a hard time getting their mitts on a cold one, though, as the fridges only open after an athlete scans their passport in the machine. It’s a good time to be a Canadian in Sochi, eh?

Check out a photo of the slick machines below.

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