‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Features Fenway Park-Related Blunder (Photo)


Martin Scorsese and Co. overlooked one minor detail during the production of the Oscar-nominated film The Wolf of Wall Street. Many Boston Red Sox fans probably picked up on the blunder, though.

One scene in The Wolf of Wall Street contains a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character and his father (played by Rob Reiner) at Fenway Park sometime in the 1970s. The problem is that there are seats on the Green Monster in the photo, although, in reality, seats weren’t installed atop the Monster until 2003.

Obviously, this minor flub — which was pointed out by a Reddit user and relayed by Fansided’s Call to the Pen blog — doesn’t take away from the quality of the critically acclaimed film. It’s a funny little mishap, though, especially for Red Sox fans who know Fenway Park like the back of their hands.

Check out the photo blunder below.

The Wolf of Wall Street

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Photo via Reddit

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